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Aerials > Aidapt VM848 Disposable Bed Pads 900mmx600mm(pk of 15)

Aidapt VM848 Disposable Bed Pads 900mmx600mm(pk of 15) (280632097361)


Disposable Bed Pads


Aidapt - VM848

Aidapt's Disposable Bed Pads are disposable incontinence pads for men and women, designed to offer a hygienic and comfortable solution to protect beds and chairs. With a soft facing material for comfort and a waterproof backing, Aidapt's incontinence pads are available in different sizes and absorbency rates. Absorbency rates for incontinence pads are given as an SAP (Super Absorbent Polymers) rating; a higher rating shows a greater level of absorbency.

Also handy for small childrens little nightime accidents!

Further details Ideal for protecting beds and chairs Soft facing for comfort Waterproof backing
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