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Telephone & Answering Systems

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ID: 280821370975 Phonapart 2 Way Telephone Conversation Recorder NEW
PHONAPART Automatic 2 Way Telephone Conversation Recorder

The Phonapart Telephone recorder (Automatic 2 WAY) simply plugs into any phone line. It will then automatically record both sides of any phone conversation. As soon as the handset is lifted it automatically begins recording, as soon as the handset is replaced it automatically stops. It uses standard cassettes (one included) and has two speed options, so a 90 minute tape will record 180 minutes of conversation.

It can be battery or mains operated and both 4 x AA batteries and a mains adaptor are included.

Many applications, such as, legal and contract work, monitoring telephone manner, review and training or any business, commercial or personal dealings where it matters what you say.

The Phonapart Telerecorder is fully approved for the UK.


Professional Sound Quality. Not Compatible with PABX Systems. Fully Approved For UK. Uses 4xAA Batteries. Cassette Included. Auto Stop. 90 Min Tape Records 180 Mins Conversation. Approx Size 19cms x 12cms Colour Black.

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